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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as part or for the purpose of advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or


(Administration has been requested to provide relevant/current/modified information to incorporate the same on 29.10.2014 and on 04.05.2015)

a) Constitution of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board


The West Bengal Pollution Control Board comprises of the Chairman, the Member Secretary and 15 other members nominated by the State Government. The eminent members of the Board include the representatives from all sectors of the society with experience in environmental protection, forestry, law, environmental science and technology and local government. During the time period under review, the members of the West Bengal Pollution Control Board were as follows:


  • Prof. Binay K. Dutta


Representatives of the State Government
  • The Secretary, Department of Environment
  • The Secretary, Department of Cottage & Small-Scale Industries
  • The Secretary, Department of Commerce & Industries
  • The Secretary, Department of Science & Technology
  • The Secretary, Department of Transport


Representatives of the Local Authorities
  • The Mayor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • The Mayor, Howrah Municipal Corporation
  • The Mayor, Durgapur Municipality Corporation
  • The Chairman, Bhadreswar Municipality
  • The Chairperson, Haldia Municipality


Representatives of the State-controlled Corporations
  • The Managing Director, West Bengal Forest Development Corporation
  • The Managing Director, West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation


Representatives of the Technical & Scientific Community
  • Dr Abirlal Mukherjee, Ex-Head of Dept., ENT, Calcutta Medical College;
  • Prof. S K Sanyal, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Jadavpur University;
  • Prof. M K Banerjee, Head, Deptt. of Metallurgy, B E College


Member Secretary
  • Sri Sandipan Mukherjee, IFS


b) Recommendation committees


These Committees (effective from September 1, 2005) have been constituted to provide valuable external technical inputs and involve stakeholder participation in the process of consent administration. These Committees will involve stakeholder participation including views from industries, non-governmental organisations, etc for taking recommendatory decisions only. The power of taking final decisions on the recommendations of these committees, solely lies with the WBPCB.


Technical Committee at head office
The technical committee at the Board's head office, would provide technical inputs for 32 industries of the special red category requiring clearance from the Government of India, review EIA/EMP reports and examine matters related to public hearing.


Task Force Committee at head office
This has been constituted to look into details necessitating directions including closure/reopening of industries, imposition of bank guarantee, imposition of pollution cost as well as to recommend on the issue of such directions.


CFE (Consent For Establishment) Committee at head office


CFO (Consent For Operation) Committee at headoffice: To examine CFO applications and take decisions


Consent (CFE/CFO) Committee at circle office


Consent (CFE/CFO) Committee at regional offices
Consent committees ('Consent for Establishment' (CFE) and 'Consent for Operation' (CFO) separately) have been constituted for the headoffice, circle offices and other regional offices of the Board.
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