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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by the Board or under its control or used by the employees for discharging functions


(Administration has been requested to provide relevant/current/modified information to incorporate the same on 29.10.2014 and on 04.05.2015)

The powers stated hereunder are in exercise of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.


a) "Employees' Service Regulation, 2005"


In exercise of the power conferred by the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 as subsequently amended, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board made this regulation to govern the terms and conditions of service of the employees of the Board. The Regulations states related details in the following chapters:
  1. Extent of application
  2. Definitions
  3. General condition of service
  4. Pay and allowances
  5. Foreign Service/Deputation
  6. Misconduct, penalty and appeal
  7. Miscellany Leave
  8. Regulation regarding attendence at office of employees
  9. Receuitement
  10. Schedules
b) Adoption of Procurement Policy of Goods, Services and Works 2005


The Board has adopted a procurement policy of goods, services and works, the salient features of which are given below.
    1. Cash purchase shall be made up to the estimated value of Rs.3,000/- from reliable vendors.
    2. Spot quotation shall be collected at least three quotations from bonafide, resourceful and experienced vendors/suppliers/contractors for an estimated value of Rs.3000/- to Rs.7,000/-
    3. Quotation notice shall be displayed in Notice Board for an estimated value of Rs.7,000/- to Rs.75,000/
    4. Open tender shall be invited through paper notification for an estimated value exceeding Rs.75,000/-.
  1. Tender document shall be handed over to the prospective bidders with a nominal cost for an estimated value exceeding Rs.7,000/-and the document shall be divided into four parts, Part-I: Qualification, Part-II : Technical bid, Part-III: Financial Bid and Part-IV: General terms and conditions.

  2. Tender/quotation shall be opened and evaluated by the committee constituted by the Board on the date and time mentioned in the bid document.

  3. At the time of evaluation, price preference shall be given to all registered SSI units of the State, all industrial units of large/medium sector owned/managed by the State Government, State based medium/large unit only for selection of vendors/contractors

  4. The same committee may negotiate only with the lowest bidder

  5. Normally at least three quotations are required for evaluation, except for sophisticated analytical instruments/specialized works for which single bid may be accepted for processing.

  6. The Board shall allow purchases to be made from works to be executed directly by the Co-operative Societies, Public sector undertaking, Statutory Body, SSI Unit etc.

  7. The Board may enlist the suppliers/contractors for any supplies/services through paper notification. Once the enlistment is made, the Board shall invite quotation/tender from the enlisted parties without going for an open tender.

  8. In case of the sophisticated instruments, the Board may invite the offers for specified branded items from different dealers/distributors/manufacturers of that particular branded item without going for open tender. Spare parts and consumables for sophisticated instruments and office appliances shall be procured directly from the manufacturer/sole agent.

  9. In the case of sophisticated instruments, computer servers, networking equipment etc. AMC/CMC may be awarded directly to the manufacturer or its authorised service centre/dealer/channel partners.

  10. The Board may issue the repeat order based on earlier order issued following the procurement policy.

c) Publications


In view of disseminating information to all, the Board comes up with its regular set of publications, namely newsletter and annual report, to present its activities from time to time.


d) Environment Protection Manuals


The provisions on environment in different Acts and Rules of India, have been compiled which would be useful to the civil administrators, police authorities and also to the local authorities.
  • The Manual on Environmental Protection (Volume - 1 for District Administrators, Municipality officials, Motor Vehicle Inspectors, Police and Pollution Control Board officials)
  • The Manual on Environmental Protection (Volume - 2 for NGOs, researchers and general public)
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