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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

WBPCB Circulars/Orders


  1. Fees for One-time Authorisation for non-bedded units as per Section 10 of the new Biomedical Waste Management Rules, 2016
  2. Laboratory Recognition
  3. Administrative Orders/Circulars
  4. Legal Order / Circular
  5. Implementation of Online Consent Management
  6. Timeline for Consent CoE CoO Processing
  7. Documents needed alongwith CoE CoO Applications
  8. Standard Protocol for Inspection of Industries
  9. Order Online Consent Register
  10. Order Auto Renewal Consent Establishment
  11. Notice of Inspection (A&W) 
  12. Undertaking to be submitted in Police Stations for obtaining permission to organise Puja by the Buroyaries / Community Puja Commities
  13. Order for NOC validity period
  14. Inspection Procedure
  15. Order for Autorenewal of Consent to Operate 
  16. Order for Inspection
  17. Order for Revised Consent to Operate Validity Period
  18. Corrigendum Order read with Order for Inspection 
  19. Revised Categorization of industries - Red, Orange, Green, White and Exempted
  20. Circular for Online Payment
  21. Order for Healthcare establishments Consent & Authorization Administration
  22. Order for Nodal officer of OSWICS under EoDB
  23. Order for 3rd Party Verification
  24. Circular for implementation of Revised fee notification dt.27/04/2016
  25. Order for Upload of the Final Signed Certificate
  26. Step by Step Procedure for Consent to Establish
  27. Step by Step Procedure for Consent to Operate
  28. Step by Step Procedure for Hazardous Waste Authorization
  29. Compliance Inspection Procedure
  30. Circular for implementation of revised fee notification dated 20.12.2017
  31. Circular for implementation of revised fee notification dated 15.03.2018
  32. Order dated 21-08-2018 for closure on the ground of non renewal of "Consent to Operate".
  33. Order for Inspection (2)
  34. Order for No Physical Touch Point for Submission of Application in EMIS
  35. Order for Inspection(2)-Revised 
  36. Circular for Submission of Application
  37. Inspection Policy of WBPCB, May 2019
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