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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Biomedical Waste Authorisation



Bio-medical Waste Authorisation

Bio-medical Waste Authorisation is required for the generation, collection, reception, storage, transportation, treatment, disposal or any other manner of handling of biomedical wastes listed in Schedule 1 of the Bio-medical Wastes Management Rules, 2016.


Who needs authorization :

As per Section 10 of the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, 2016, every occupier or operator handling bio-medical waste, irrespective of quantity, is required to obtain Authorisation. 

  • As per Section 3(m) of the said rules, an occupier is a person having administrative control over the institution and premises generating bio-medical wastes, which includes a hospital, nursing home, clinic, dispensary, vetrinary institution, animal house, pathological laboratory, blood bank, health care facility and clinical establishment, irrespective of their system of medicine and by whatever name they are called. 
  • As per Section 10(n) of the said rules, operator means  a person who owns or controls a Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBMWTF)


As per section 10(1), Authorisation shall be one time for non-bedded occupiers. 



A. All occupiers and operators are also required to obtain Consent to Operate from the Board irrespective of their size or activity.

B. All occupiers and operators are required to obtain Consent to Establish from the Board

1. prior to establishment,

2. before undertaking any expansion or change in activity or infrastructure, and

3. at the time of change in name or ownership.


Application Procedure:

Applications for BMW Authorisaion are to be made online to the following offices of the  Board. After online submission and on being advised to submit hardcopy, a print out of the online application is to be taken and submitted to the concerned office alongwith challan showing payment of fees and a forwarding letter; both the forwarding letter and form has to be signed by the occupier of the HCE.:-

BMW Authorisation

Units with more than 200 beds

Waste Management Cell

Units with 50 ‹ beds ≤ 200 

Respective Circle Office

Units with 50 beds or less

Respective Regional Office


Format for submission of Annual BMW generation report 

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