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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

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Hazardous Waste Authorisation


Hazardous Waste Authorisation:

Hazardous Waste Authorisation is required for the generation, collection, reception, storage, transportation, treatment, disposal or any other manner of handling of hazardous and other wastes listed in Schedules I, II and Parts B & D of Schedule III of the Hazardous Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016.

Who needs authorization :

  • Industrial units generating, collecting, receiving, storing, transporting, treating, disposing or handling hazardous and other wastes
  • Units/godowns/warehouses of hazardous substances (i.e. pesticides, medicines, etc.) having regular generation of contaminated, discarded or off-specification materials
  • Laboratories/vehicle service stations, etc. storing or using hazardous substances and having regular generation of hazardous wastes like spent chemicals and solvents, chemical or oil contaminated filters or cloth, chemical or oil bearing residues, etc.
  • Units engaged in the recycling or reprocessing of hazardous and other wastes
  • Units providing service of collection/ reception/ storage/ transport/ treatment/ disposal of hazardous wastes and bio-medical wastes

Application Process:

All applications for Hazardous Waste Authorisaion are to be made online to the Waste Management Cell. Application fees are  Rs 13000/- for a period of five years - to be paid through challan at any branch of the United Bank of India. On receiving online feedback for submission of hard copy of application, a print out of the online application is to be taken, signed and submitted to the Waste Management Cell at Paribesh Bhawan alongwith copy of challan showing payment of fees. Please click here to see a simple flow diagram of the application process.

Information/ documents/ copies to be submitted alongwith hard copy of application :

  • Location map and site plan (plant layout)
  • Hazardous Waste storage and handling system/procedure (with photographs)
  • Copy of Consent to Establish certificate
  • Copy of Consent to Operate certificate (in case Consent to Operate has not been obtained, submit copy of forwarding letter showing application has been submitted)
  • Copy of challan showing last water cess payment
  • Copy of Agreement of Membership of Common HW Treatment Storage Disposal Facility (CHWTSDF) in case the unit generates incinerable and disposable wastes
  • In case of application for renewal of Authorisation, submit a Compliance Report w.r.t. previous authorisation  

For further information on hazardous waste management and compliance requirement check the webpage on Waste Management under the Section "About Us'' on WBPCB homepage.