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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Municipal Solid Waste Management


Municipal Solid Waste Management

Wastes generated from households, commercial establishments, markets, road sweeping, etc. are collectively classified as Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW). Non-hazardous industrial wastes and treated bio-medical wastes also belong to this class. The Board monitors the management of MSWs as per the provisions of the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

The rules have laid down comprehensive guidelines for solid waste storage, treatment and disposal and have designated the Urban Affairs Department of the State Govt. as the nodal authority for development of treatment and disposal facilities. Local authorities are primarily responsible for collecting, transporting and disposing these wastes and they are required to obtain Authorisation from the Board for MSW management. Operators appointed/ selected by municipal authorities to carry out MSW management on their behalf are also required to obtain authorization. In addition to obtaining authrisation, the local bodies are required to submit Annual Report in Form-IV (as given in the above-mentioned rules) to State Pollution Control Board and the Secretary-in-Charge of the state Department of Urban Development in case of metropolitan city and to the Director of Municipal Administration or Commissioner of Municipal Administration or Officer in -Charge of Urban local bodies in the state in case of all other local bodies of state on or before the 30th day of June every year.

The Board issues authorization for the establishment of Solid Waste management facilities after obtaining approval from a Committee comprising representatives of Kolkata Metropolitan Development Agency, Municipal Engineering Directorate, State Water Investigation Directorate, etc. The Board has also been entrusted with the duty of monitoring the compliance of MSW management facilities w.r.t. groundwater, ambient air, leachate quality and compost quality including incineration standards as specified in the Rules.

Under provisions of the EIA notification, 2006 and its amendments, Environmental Clearance is required to be obtained for setting up of Common MSW Management Facilities as these are considered as category 'B' projects. Both facilities to be set up by an individual municipal authority or facilities to be set up and shared by two or more municipal authorities are required to obtain EC with some minor exceptions. The EC is to be obtained prior to application for authorization under the MSW (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000. EC applications are to be submitted to the Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal.


Orders issued by CPCB to ULBs in West Bengal regarding MSW management :-

Order issued to Kolkata and Howrah Municipal Corporations

Order issued to 44 ULBs along the river Ganga


Indicative/ suggestive Action Plan for Management of MSW prepared by CPCB in compliance with NGT order dated 5th February 2015 in the matter of OA No. 199 of 2014 - Almitra Patel & Anr vs. Union of India can be downloaded by clicking here.

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