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West Bengal Pollution Control Board



Following forms are available for Download.
Those are readable in Acrobat Reader or any other pdf Reader
like xpdf on Linux

Format of "Undertaking for auto renewal"

  • Hazardous Waste
    1. Application for Registration of traders (as per Part D of Schedule III of Rules) for import of hazardous wastes  (Form 7)
    2. Annual Return Form for Hazardous Wastes (Form 4)
    3. Annual Return Form for Registered Hazardous Waste RECYCLERs (Form 6)

  • Bio-Medical Waste
    1. Annual Report Form for Bio-medical Waste (Form II)
    2. Format of Monthly Report for Bio-medical Wastes

  • Municipal Solid Waste
    1. Annual Report Form (Form II) for Municipal Solid Wastes

  • Import of Hazardous Chemicals
    1. Format of intimation for importing of hazardous chemicals

  • Laboratory Recognition.

  • Application Form for Auto Emission Testing Center
  • CMS Data