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West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Municipal Solid Waste Authorisation


The Board issues authorization for the establishment of Solid Waste treatment and dispsoal facilities as prescribed in the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. Authorisation is issued only after detailed evaluation of the application and project proposal submitted by the municipal authority or operator of a MSW facility and in consultation with a Technical Expert Committee having representatives from the State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department, the State Water Investigation Directorate, etc.

Who needs Authorization :

  • Municipal Authorities generating, collecting, receiving, storing, transporting, treating, disposing or handling hazardous wastes
  • Operators engaged in the collection, reception, transportation, storage and handling of MSW and operation of MSW treatment and disposal facilities

Application Process:

All applications for MSW authorisation are to be made online to the Waste Management Cell. On receiving online feedback for submission of hard copy of application, a print out of the online application is to be taken, signed and submitted to the Waste Management Cell at Paribesh Bhawan alongwith copy of Detailed Project Report(DPR) and copy of Environment Clearance, where applicable.

Application fees :

Application fees payable by operators is Rs 2000/- per year. No fees are payable by municipal authorities.

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