Nature Camp

As on 23.01.2004
Environmental Campaign: Nature Camp at Ayodhya Hill, Purulia

The State Environment Department and the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) had organised a nature study camp at Ayodhya Hill, Purulia on and from January 22 to January 25, 2004. The Hon’ble Shri Manabendra Mukherjee, Minister-in-charge, Departments of Environment & Information Technology, Government of West Bengal, inaugurated the nature camp at the Ayodhya Range Office Campus on January 23, 2004 at 10 a.m.

Under the theme "nature, natural resource, environment and society" of the Environmental Campaign of the WBPCB, that nature camp was conducted as an awareness programme, conceived for the protection of environment, forests and wildlife. The District Science Centre-Purulia under the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum (BITM), Government of India and Paschimbanga Vigyan Mancha were the key collaborators of the programme. The students of classes V to XII of the eco-clubs of the schools belonging to the National Green Corps (NGC) programme and other schools of West Bengal were the participants in the nature camp.

The National Green Corps programme introduced by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India was aimed at spreading environmental education among school children by involving them in various environment-related activities. While the WBPCB was the State Nodal Agency, Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha was the Implementing Agency for the programme. Under the NGC programme, there were 1900 schools in 19 districts of the state including Kolkata, in which eco-clubs had been formed.

The eco-clubs of the participating schools of the different districts of the state had conducted various individual and group events since August 2003. The nature camp, a reward for the winners of the events conducted during the past months, not only cultivated a sense of caring and appreciation for the environment, but also helped inculcate a sense of environmental responsibility at a tender age. The four individual events were Sit and Draw Competition, Making Posters with a Slogan, Essay Writing Competition and Project Preparation and the four group events were Nature Quest, Medicinal Plant Garden, Biodiversity and Eco-club Diary. These events, as described in the table below, were implemented within stipulated deadlines.



Sit and Draw Competition for classes V to VII
Theme: Nature and wildlife
Nature Quest: Preparing an assessment report on the Environmental Status of the local area
Poster with slogan for classes VIII to X
Theme: Environmental protection and pollution control
Medicinal Plant Garden: Planting a garden and preparing an illustrative report on the same
Essay writing Competition for classes VIII to X
Theme: The future of the earth and water
Biodiversity Inventory: Preparing a report on the diversity of plants and wildlife in the local area
Project Preparation for classes XI to XII
Theme: Preparation of a project for water conservation with your views as a scientist
Eco-club Diary: Annual report of the eco-club

The 50 school students from 12 South Bengal districts and Purulia were the participants at the Purulia camp. The names of the schools participating at the Purulia camp are attached. For the camp, the district-level toppers of the four individual events, and, the candidates securing the first, second and third positions for the individual events and the top group (for the group events) at the state level were the prime participants.

Click here for toppers' list.


Date: 22nd to 25th January 2004

Venue: Ayodhya Hill, Purulia


Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session


  3:00 pm – Arrival at DSC, Purulia

4:30 pm – Afternoon Tea

5:00 pm – Self Introduction by the Campers and Nature Study Camp in Campers’ mind

6:00 pm – All about Saheb Bandh’- its flora, fauna & Pollution

7:00 pm – How to Observe and Study Birds and How to Prepare Bird Sheets

8:00 pm – Dinner

8:45 pm – Departure for Youth Hostel

9:00 pm – Diary Writing

9:45 pm – Preparation of Bed


5:30 am – Bed Tea & Washing

7:00 am – Departure for ‘Ayodhya Pahar’ with Packet Breakfast

8:00 am -

  • Arrival at ‘Ayodhya Pahar’
  • Allocation of Accommodation
  • Division of Groups

10:00 am

  • Formal Inauguration of the Camp by Shri Manab Mukherjee, Hon’ble Minister in charge, Dept. of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal
  • Prize Distribution
  • Adibasi & Chhou Naach

12:00 noon – Bath & Lunch

Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

2:00 pm – How to Recognize Trees and How to Prepare Tree Sheet

3:00 pm – All about Insects

4:30 pm – Afternoon Tea

5:00 pm – Video Show

Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

6:30 pm – Night Sky Observation

8:00 pm – Dinner

9:00 pm – Diary Writing

9:45 pm – Preparation of Bed


Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

5:30 am – Bed Tea & Washing

6:30 am – Bird watching in group

7:00 am – Visit to

  • Purulia Hydel Power Project
  • Tribal Village

12:00 noon – Bath & Lunch

Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

2:00 pm – All about ‘Ayodhya Pahar’ its flora, fauna / ’NATURE TRAIL’

4:30 pm – Tea with Snacks

5:00 pm – Preparation for Camp Fire

Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

7:00 pm – Camp Fire

8:00 pm – ‘Bada Khana’ (Dinner)

9:00 pm – Summing up of the Camp

9:30 pm – Preparation of Bed


Venue: ‘Ayodhya Pahar’

5:00 am – Bed Tea & Washing

6:30 am – Departure for Panchet Dam (with Packet Breakfast)

10:30 am – Arrival at ‘Panchet Dam’

12:00 noon – Bath & Lunch



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