Running units and the units starting operation after establishing as per NOC issued by the Board have to apply  for consent to operate. The  Board, considering compliance of environmental laws by the industry issues a letter of consent to the industry allowing it to continue it's operation. The consent is normaly granted for five years for green category, three years for Orange category, two years for Red category and one year for Specified Industries.The power to grant consent to operate is furnished below:

Consent to Operate for running units who have obtained prior NOC

[To be renewed periodically after expiry of previous certificate]

Category Application form available from Who will received and issue contest Application fee to be submitted at
(Small scale)
DIC, Sub DIC [Free of cost] GM, DIC, Officer-in-Charge, Sub DIC Designated branches of United Bank of India. [One copy of proof of payment to be submitted along with application form]

Fee for Consent to operate to be submitted at a time for 

Green - 5 years

Orange - 3 Years

Red - 2 Years

Specified industry - 1 year

(Medium & Large Scale)
Designated branches of United Bank of India [Priced Rs.110/-] W.B.P.C.B.
Regional Office
(all scale)
[except a few specified industry]
Designated branches of United Bank of India [Priced Rs.110/-] W.B.P.C.B. 
Regional Office
A few specified industry Designated branches of United Bank of India [Priced Rs.110/-] W.B.P.C.B. 
Head Office

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